Dec 04 2018

Third Level Student Progression 2018

Congratulations to the class of 2018 on the major contribution made to school life, activities, sport and in academic attainment. From a non-selective enrolment inclusive of all the abilities students managed to take 73.6% of all subjects at higher level and achieve the equivalent of ‘honours’ (now H5 or better) in 87.4% of cases. Over 27% of students achieved above 500 points – being 2½ times the national average. Nine of the students scored between 575 and 625 points.

Irish Universities – Level 8 Degrees 35%
Overseas Universities – Level 7 & 8 Degrees 17.5%
Institutes of Technology – Level 7 & 8 Degree Courses 20.6%
Deferred Entry – (Gap Year) 5.2%
Direct Employment 1.0%
Level 5 & 6 Diploma & Certificate Courses 12.4%
Drama/Portfolio/Dance/Apprenticeships 6.2%
The students of 2018 have been highly successful in accessing top choice courses. Their interests range from the performing arts to architecture, mathematics, nautical science, engineering, law, business, agriculture, economics and the sciences. There is a significant increase of those opting for studies in the UK and the EU. Overall our broad curriculum and guidance programme has enabled students to follow their aptitude to a wonderful varied array of courses from apprenticeships and direct employment to Edinburgh and Oxford.