• Parents are reminded that, unless there is an emergency, boarders are only allowed telephone calls outside class, meal and study times. Urgent messages can be relayed to pupils from the school office during the day by calling (023) 8841713 or email



  • Following consultation with parents, student council, other students and staff the following arrangement for mobile phones will be operated for the autumn term and evaluated prior to Christmas.

Mobile phones and related devices cause loss of concentration, disruption and the possibility of cheating in tests / examinations.  Mobile phones, or other audio/visual electronic devices and games etc. may not be used between 8.45 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. unless specifically requested by the class teacher.  Boarders and Day Boarders may not bring these items to Prep (6.30 – 9.00 p.m.) without teacher permission.  Under no circumstances must a phone be brought to any examination centre. Boarding houses have regulations for mobile phone access also.

Use of a mobile phone / device during these times will result in a sanction.

  • First occasion – confiscation of the phone/device for the school day
  • Second occasion – confiscation of phone/device until a parent / guardian is available to collect same from school office (Deputy Principal or Principal for a boarder)
  • Subsequent occasion – confiscation and referral to Section B of the Discipline Procedures


Note: Senior students (Form V & VI) may use their phones/laptops/tablets for educational purposes during study periods/prep if required with permission of the duty teacher. Abuse of this privilege will result in a sanction as outlined above. This change in policy will be monitored and reviewed during the first term.