A Brief History Of Bandon Grammar

The school is enriched and guided by traditions derived from almost four centuries of service in education stretching back to the mid seventeenth century.

It strives to create an environment which provides opportunities for the development of a wide variety of differing aptitudes and abilities towards intellectual growth, practical skills, recreational activities and aesthetic development.

It is the aim of the school to help its pupils to develop as well rounded individuals within a community where moral values such as honesty, fairness, personal integrity and sensitivity to the needs of others are nurtured. Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility, leading to growth in confidence and self-esteem so that individuals may come to excel in different ways, able to make optimum use of life opportunities.

Today Bandon Grammar School has some 720 pupils (120 of whom are boarders) and 86 staff. With over 30 hectares of grounds we have ample space for recreation and development in quiet surroundings, ideal for young people to have the tranquillity and stimulation for intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual growth. Pupils from all over the world, from diverse backgrounds, cultures, faiths and races work together in harmony to achieve the very highest standards.