PAC  Members – Roles for 2021/2022 – emails
Paul Swanton Chairperson
Oisin O’Diomasaigh Vice Chairperson/Green Schools Rep/Board of Management
Sinead Dundon Minutes Secretary
Mandy Young Vice Secretary/Male Boarder Rep
Bernie Neville Communications Secretary / Student Council Rep
Hannah Chambers NPCpp Liaison
Naomi Boswell Wellbeing Rep
Aoibheann O’Keeffe Wellbeing Rep
Manuela Gräfin von Zeppelin Female Boarder Rep
Heather Jennings Student Council rep.
Peter Forsey Development Committee Rep
Claire McCarthy Female Boarder Rep
Heather Jennings Member/Board of Management
Keith Boyd Member
PAC School year representatives – 2021/2022
Naomi Boswell Form 1
Oisin O’Diomasaigh Form 2
Sinead Dundon Form 3
Hannah Chambers Form 4
Heather Jennings Form 5
Mandy Young Form 6