How will the school communicate with parents?

In mid-June our IT Manager, Mr Platts, will issue every parent with a school email account. Parents will then be invited to sign up to the school App which is a great facility for daily updates and communication. 
Pupils will be given their own school email account in September and shown how to access and use the Google Classroom education platform.

When do we need to choose our 3 ‘Choice Subjects’ for 1st Year?

As soon as possible so that we can arrange extra teachers if required. June 12th is the final date to enter the 3 choices in the online survey. Most students choose a 3rd language and two subjects that interest them. ( Choice Subjects: French/ Spanish/ German/ alternative as well as 2 of the following subjects: Materials Technology Wood, Art, Craft and Design, Music, Technical Graphics, Home Economics or Business Studies). Your 3 ‘Choice Subjects’ should be entered online via the survey that will be shared in the 1st Year Information Evening.

Where can I find more on Subject Choice for the Leaving Cert?

You can find out more information here or by contacting Mr. Brian Kearney via

Where can I find out more information on the ‘Choice Subjects?

You can find further information on choosing subjects in the Guidance section of as well as the link to the Subject Choice survey. There is a specific section with information for ‘Incoming Parents’

Why must students study French, German or Spanish?

A third language is required for many 3rd-level courses. The large oral and aural parts (up to 55%) of the Junior Cert exam gives students with language difficulties a better chance of succeeding. In many cases these students will be exempt from spelling and grammar.

What if a student wishes to change their subject during the school year?

We always endeavour to facilitate students changing a subject if they feel it does not suit them. We do not offer taster periods of subjects as the ‘Choice Subjects’ are quite distinct and only a small number of students request a change of subject during the year.

What if my child is exempt from Irish?

Students exempt from Irish will have to attend a subject, such as Digital Media Literacy, which is a short course for the Junior Cert (The short course is a curriculum component in Junior Cycle. A short course is designed for approximately 100 hours of student engagement and provides opportunities for schools to broaden the range of educational experiences they offer in Junior Cycle) Where applicable, Learning Support and Resource classes will be provided during this time.  They are welcome to continue with the study of Irish if they wish. They will be exempt from spelling and grammar if they have a specific learning disability.

What if my child is exempt from the study of a 3rd language?

We would encourage all students to try a new language. Over half of the marks in the Junior Cert given to the Oral and Listening exams and in most cases, students will be exempt from spelling and grammar if they have a specific learning disability. If there are sufficient numbers we will endeavour to offer another subject at this time.

Who do I talk to if my child has a specific learning difficulty or is really struggling academically in school?

The Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator, Mrs. Harte, reviews the reports of all incoming students with SLDs prior to entering the school and works closely with the Learning Support Coordinator to allocate resource and learning support hours on a needs basis. Results of Incoming Form 1 testing and continuous feedback from teachers ensure that any student who is having difficulty will be supported in an individual or group setting.

Should we be buying books now? Do we get them from the school or are there any recommended bookshops locally?

The book lists are on the school website. They are bought from schoolbook stockists including Hickeys, Bandon; Laurence Coughlan, Clonakilty etc. The English class groups will use a selection of books and specific purchases will be advised in the autumn.

When do we order the PE gear?

P.E. kit and school jacket are supplied in school on arrival.

Where do we buy the uniform?

Kevin Bowens, Main Street, Bandon which has a deliver option. You can find further information here on the school uniform.

Will parents & student with extra needs get a chance to meet before start day to discuss needs?

Yes, Ms Harte ( and the SEN team will arrange appointments in August on request. Any children who would like to walk around and get their bearings before then, please just call ahead to make an appointment. (023 8841713).
The SEN team will also be making a video ‘Walk Through’ to show children the buildings, SNA staff etc.

When will we receive the forms for subject choices and medical forms?

Forms are on the website. Please fill them out and return by June 12th.

Can you please remind us when fees are due?

Fees are due in September and February. Please click on ‘Apply’ in website and scroll down for ‘Policy on Fees’.