Points of Contact

Points of Contact

What are the different roles of staff in BGS?

Form Tutors (Pastoral)

  • Form Tutor’s role is central in both caring for students and monitoring their progress both academically and socially
  • Tutors support students to settle in and integrate into all aspects of school life through active involvement

Contact: Tutors subject to change. Students will be assigned a tutor in 1st year who will generally remain their tutor for following years in BGS.

Learning Support Co-ordinator (Academic)

  • The Learning Support coordinator identifies students with learning difficulties in the area of Literacy as they enter Form 1. Mrs. Harte also co-ordinates accommodations for school and state exams such as: separate centres, readers, spelling and grammar waivers etc. Extra-time cannot be allocated by the SENCO.
  • These students in Form 1, 2 & 3 are provided with two classes of learning support weekly to work on specific literacy skills such as comprehension and spelling & grammar as well as study skills and exam technique.
  • Contact: Mrs. Ciara. Harte: charte@bgsmail.ie

Guidance Counsellor (Pastoral and Academic)

The Guidance Counsellor role is mainly Co-ordinating Pastoral Care and Personal Counselling  & Subject Guidance when necessary

  • Throughout the year, the Guidance Counsellor liaises with tutors, boarding staff, chaplain and teacher to help support students on a continual basis.
  • The Guidance Counsellor meets all 1st years on their first day to help with the process of settling them into the school.
  • In 2nd year the Guidance Counsellor develops further with Study Skills and Personal Counselling when necessary.
  • Contact: guidance@bgsmail.ie Brian Kearney

Chaplain (Pastoral & Spiritual Care)

The role of the chaplain is to help create community and  work as part of the pastoral care team with a primary focus on accompanying students and staff by providing support and care.

  • The chaplain conducts the weekly assembly which promotes the core values of the school.
  • The chaplain is responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of students, both those of faith and of none.
  • All second year students meet the chaplain on a one to one to develop and build  relationship as the students moves through  the school years
  • Contact askuse@bgsmail.ie

Year Head (Behavioural)

  • The role of the Year Head involves monitoring student conduct and progress.
  • The Year Head will contact parents if student progress or conduct becomes a concern
  • The Year Head has responsibility for supporting staff in the implementation of the Code of Behaviour.

Year Heads

  • Form I Deirdre Deasy,
  • II Sile Forrest
  • III Carena McCarthy (Form II and III Year Heads will rotate every 2nd year)
  • IV Siobhan Ni Lionsigh
  • V Sonya Macken
  • VI Eimear Butler

Pastoral Care Team (Pastoral)

  • Role: To monitor well-being of students throughout the school and co-ordinate a plan of action to support any students  for whom there is concern
  • Team Members: School Management, Guidance Counsellor, Chaplain, Matron, Housemaster and Housemistress
Bandon Grammar School – Points of Contact for Form I Parents
Area Behavioural Issues Learning/ Academic Pastoral
Sample Situations   Teachers experiencing repeated failure by students to do homework/ bring materials to class

Misuse of phone in school

Inappropriate behaviour in class or on school grounds

Underperformance according to potential based on classroom and exam performance Tutor or GC

Specific Learning Difficulties SEN

Issues such as making and keeping friends, bullying, isolation
Key Points of Contact Relevant Subject Teacher

Year Head

Relevant Subject Teacher

Guidance Counsellor


Guidance Counsellor