How are students’ Wellbeing needs supported in BGS?

A Pastoral Care Team that includes the Principal, Vice-Principal, Guidance Counsellor, Head of Boarding, Chaplain and Special Education Needs Coordinator meet on a weekly basis to discuss the best ways to support different year groups and individual students. You can see below just a taster of some of our Whole School Supports


Our Chaplain and Guidance Counsellor work closely together to monitor and address the Wellbeing needs of all students. This involves coordinating some of the Wellbeing elements below. Our full time Chaplain, Rev. Anne Skuse, gives weekly talks that cover Wellbeing themes, promotes faith-based activities and provides support for individual students when the need arises. All students in Religion classes learn about different ways to meditate, reflect and pray and get opportunities to practice this throughout the year, enhancing their spiritual growth and supporting their Wellbeing. We have a Chapel that is a place of calm and quiet and is used for different ceremonies throughout the year.


Class Tutors meet their tutor groups on weekly basis which usually continues for their six years. Their role includes:

  • Focusing on general relevant themes in each tutorial
  • Monitoring use of Journal
  • Liaising with parents in relation to non-serious issues
  • Building a relationship with students
  • Consulting as necessary with each subject teacher to alleviate any source of difficulty
  • Monitor wellbeing and progress
Wellbeing Groups Wellbeing Supports Wellbeing Initiatives
  • All Staff involved but primarily: Management, Guidance Counsellor, Chaplain, Boarding Staff, School Nurses, Wellbeing Subject Teachers (SPHE, CSPE, RE, PE, Computers, Philosophy, Guidance)
  • Pastoral Care Meeting (weekly)
  • Wellbeing Team Meetings (every 6 weeks approx.)
  • Mentoring from 5th and 6th years
  • Pastoral Care Team
  • Student Council/ Wellbeing Committee: Enhances student voice and promotes a sense of involvement in the development of the school and a sense of partnership between students and teachers. These students are consulted on wellbeing issues.
  • Wellbeing Group in Parents Association: Fundraises, organises events, assists policy development in order to sustain and enhance wellbeing in the school community. Guidance Counsellor liaises with this group
  • School Assemblies: Used to ensure students are aware of school events and key information as well as to acknowledge achievements and encourage students 
  • Tutor Time: 40 minutes per week (approx.) contact time with tutor/year head 
  • Wellbeing Screen Messages on Screens
  • Induction programme for incoming 1st years
  • Classes in SPHE, RE, PE, Computers, Philosophy, Guidance
  • TY Classes in Environmental Awareness: Green Flag Activities
  • Study Skills Mentoring: 6th years to 2nd and 3rd years
  • Food Council
  • Meditation: Incorporated in SPHE/ RE and Guidance 
  • Student Ambassadors
  • School Library: Comfortable and welcoming environment.
  • Study: Evening study is available for day pupils. 
  • School App/ Social Media: Digital updates that highlight student and community achievement and progress 
  • Year Group Meetings with Year Head: Held intermittently to support students
  • Well-Being Quotes painted around school walls
  • Well-Being Chalkboard in Dining Room
  • Active School Week
  • Assembly
  • Charity Fundraising
  • Mental Health Resources in library and on BGS Guidance
  • No-uniform days for charity
  • RAK: Random Acts of Kindness Day(s)
  • Services in Chapel
  • Sports Day
  • Tutor Group Sports Day
  • Language Exchange Programmes/ Cultural Trips: Such as Paris, Madrid and Italy, where students develop intercultural skills and enhance cultural awareness. Allows students to develop their self-confidence and develop their coping skills, independence and self-awareness.
  • Music: Dedicated music rooms and the option to join the school choir available to all students. Our annual Christmas Concert/TY night/school service/graduation service/Open year service gives students the opportunity to display their talent 
  • School Review Magazine
  • Talent Night: A fun evening that encourages students to perform in a range of different areas indicative of our inclusive ethos.