Oct 06 2015


The class of 2015 have now spread to all corners of the globe, as they set out to experience life and further their education. They achieved very good L.C. results averaging 409 points (equivalent of 4 A1’s plus each) and 77.3% achieved points scores above the national average, with almost twice the average above 500 points including 10 over 550 points. That level of attainment was made possible by the wide subject range and quality of teaching, which enabled 75% of all papers to be taken at higher level and honours (grades A, B or C) attained on 85% of those.

THIRD LEVEL ENTRY – Lord David Puttnam –‘Follow your zone of genius – there is no place for average anymore’ – to the BGS Parents’ Association, 1-10-15.

It is heartening to see so many students following their dreams (zone of genius) into cherished fields from film to fashion, specialisms in engineering, biotechnology sciences, biosciences, food and agriculture and of course sport, in addition to some more regular pathways in computing, business, law or teaching. In all 85.7% of students have transferred directly to third level education this autumn.

A relatively high proportion (11.3%) have taken the wise decision to defer entry for a year, in an effort to gain experience, reflect and make sure they are choosing the right course.
Over 70% of leavers have entered degree courses in Ireland, the UK and continental Europe, with a very high proportion opting for very attractive courses in Spain, Austria and Germany. A feature of our leavers is their social and linguistic confidence. They have few inhibitions in terms of studying abroad where courses and qualifications can be pursued and obtained often at a fraction of the cost compared to Ireland.

Leaver Destinations 2015

Deferred Entry 11.3%
Irish Universities / Primary Teaching 32%
Overseas Courses – Universities 19.6%
Level 8 and 7 Degree Courses 18.6%
Level 6 and 5 Diploma / Certificate Courses 15.5%

Total 2015 transfer 85.7%

Repeat L.C. Courses 3.1%