Apr 16 2018

BGS – Paris Trip 2018

Our Form 5 French students embarked on a lanugage and cultural trip to Paris recently. They were accompanied by Ms Butler, Mr Bartley and Mrs Macken. The trip was “fantastique” from start to finish. Ms Butler had organised a jam-packed schedule. All the famous sights were visited – Versailles Palace, The Louvre and Montmartre to name a few.


We decided not to take the easy option and hire a coach for the trip, instead we travelled by metro which was an experience in itself! It was an imposing place at the start but by the end we had it down to a fine art.


The language classes, which were held in a school beside the Notre Dame Cathedral, were beneficial and really helped the students to find their lingustic feet, so to speak.


Two students wrote: Our experience on the BGS Paris Trip was nothing but positive. Being surrounded by french culture and fluent speakers gave us the motivation and determination to learn and practise the languge. We learned a lot from the classes and some of us are hoping to go back to them this summer.


We did so much sight-seeing but also had free time to ourselves to explore the Parisian streets. The teachers were helpful and fun and planned everything down to a T.


We dined in some really nice restaurants and had plenty variety.


We would definitely recommend this trip to anyone because you don’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime trip!


Elsie Noble and Faye Minihane (Form 5)