Apr 30 2018

John Hooper Success for three projects

This years John Hooper Medal for Statistics saw more success for BGS.

After claiming third place overall last year and an order of merit award this year’s contingent have claimed 3 order of merit placings.

This means that all three of these projects finished in the top 15 out of 300 projects in total with the added achievement of being the only Cork based students to finish in the top 15.


The projects were:
Jordan Warren and Denise O’Brien: A Statistical Analysis of the correlation between left handedness and brain function.
Lauren O’Donovan, Charlotte Jennings and Sophie Wetz: Is Dr. Google making us a nation of cyberchondriacs? (Was a young scientist project but they had to completely redo the stats for John Hooper as they were unusable!)
James Kirkby and Sara Jaen Gordon:  A statistical analysis of a sample of skittles.
Well done to all involved.