May 15 2018

Report from the Development Committee to School Community

17 April 2018: Report from the Development Committee


Those present:   Core Committee members: Alison O’Neill (Chair), Alan Kingston, Jim Good, George Bradfield, Ian Coombes, Donal Warren Billy Skuse, Stephen McLaughlin (Co-Opted)


Notes:  A meeting took place on 17 April 2018.   The following workstream items were discussed at the meeting:

Academic – Ian Coombes/ Donal Warren (Leads):
  • BOD Decisions: No items for decision to be brought to the BOD on 30 April 2018:
  • TY 2018/2019: Donal & Ian are reviewing TY for 2019 to cater for the large year of 130/ 135 students & . developing a plan with the TY team. They will keep the team updated if any decisions need to be brought to the Board.
  • Open Day: An open afternoon in the school will be held on the 12 May 2018 from 2 – 4:30pm. This is a great opportunity to show the school to new families including promoting boarding. This is also an opportunity to promote the standard of food at the school.


Management – Alan Kingston (Lead)
  • Catering:
    • Notice to current day pupil catering tenant has been given.
    • GB, SH & AK to visit a UK catering college on 1 May to benchmark potential opportunties.
    • It was agreed that we need to ensure that we continue to promote the schools focus on catering/ food excellence as part of our internal & external communications.
  • Admin Organisation: A subgroup met on Thursday 12 April  2018 and mapped the current management structure.  Further benchmark data and work information is being collated. The next formal review of this work with IC GB AK and AON will be on 10 September 2018.


IT – Billy Skuse (Lead)
  • WiFi: An External IT consultant was engaged and reviewed & resolved broadband issues with Darren Platts. The consultant was very complementary about the IT structure in place in the school.
  • IT Infrastructure Review. A sub team are meeting to look at IT needs & priority areas of focus.



Physical– Jim Good (Lead)
  • New Staff room – New window construction work is well advanced; the majority of works were completed duirng the Easter holidays. Quotes for fitout continue to be worked on.  Getting the right lighting for each area of the staff room is a particular area  of focus.  Fiona O’Keeffe is to come back re fabrics & colour options shortly.  Target completion date by mid August 2018.
  • New Car Park: Additional costs presented at the BOD meeting on the 12 March 2018 were approved. The wet weather has hindered work over the last month.  Work will re-commence once the weather improves.  Quotations are currently being sought for lighting.   Works will be completed by August 2018.  Soil piles in front field will be re-distributed & flattened.
  • Second Hockey Pitch: Estimated costs of 2nd Hockey pitch were presented to the BOD on 12 March 2018 and approved. It is hoped that structural works will commence on the last week in June 2018 with the plan to have the pitch finished by the start of the 2018/2019 school year or as soon after as possible.
  • Running track update: The most recent advice is not to have the running track directly beside the new hockey pitch as the use of spikes so close to the pitch will lead to damage on the pitch.  There will be a time delay to establishing a running track in the school as an alternative location needs to be identifed and costs reviewed.
  • Next development projects: The first meeting agenda item at at the next Development Team meeting on 29 May 2018 will be to review the next priorities ( 5 year outlook) so as we maximse our current footprint and plan for the next stage of development.



  • Communication to the school community : A briefing communication on Traffic control plans, new car park, new hockey pitch, staff room changes, enhanced catering is being developed for 2 May 2018.
  • Follow up Communications: A more detailed communication on the traffic system for 2018/2019 school year will be drafted & circulated in August 2018.  Any external PR will also be focused on in August / Sept 2018.
  • Staff Communications: The staff will be fully briefed on the developments before the end of the summer term and a forum agreed to ensure that any car parking concerns are discussed.
  • Development Poster – The poster created for the March Conference will be posted on the School website after the additional pillar of Communication has been added.




Next Development Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 29 May 2018