Aug 03 2018

Dining Hall Transformation!

While the summer heatwave gave the country a new lease of life, a crew of experts took control of the BGS dining hall to give it a total makeover. With reclaimed pitched pine counters and a new ‘Grab and Go’ shop, the dining hall is now a foodie sanctuary for students and staff alike. A fresh coat of paint and modern colours give a softness to the industrially modern bones of the area. The concept is one of 360 degree excellence – having ‘The Quaff & Scoff’, a grab and go concept for those that want a gourmet sandwich or baguette, or a soup and salad box, to the hot section mirrored across the hall in ‘The Kitchen Table’ – where self-service hot menus with salad bars allows all guests to enjoy as much or as little for lunch and dinner as they like.

Our vision beginning this year is ‘Go Green’ with a motto of reduce, reuse, recycle – all packaging that we will be using is compostable, down to the straws for our smoothies, introducing a self-service element to reduce food waste and the concept designed and constructed from 80% reclaimed items.

The final aspect in our quest for excellence is making our food and offering not only well balanced, healthy and delicious but also affordable. Lunch per person for day pupils can be from as little as €12.50 per week up to full 3 course meal at €35 per week. The idea is that everyone can have a nutritious lunch that doesn’t cost the earth, while enjoying the atmosphere of our new and improved Dining Room. Of course day pupils are welcome to bring their own lunch box and join with everyone in the Dining area.

Day pupil lunch options:

  1. Bring a packed lunch
  2. Purchase a light lunch at lunch bar – ‘grab and go’ shop
  3. Purchase Vouchers from the school office for full cooked lunch – to be eaten in the Dining Hall.


We are very much looking forward to welcoming back our students, getting to know the new ones and having a great year together!
Ian F.Coombes              Sandy Harrington                                                                 

Principal.                       Catering Manager      

August 2018.