Nov 18 2018

Science Week 2018

This year’s Science Week was a huge event with lots happening.

Day 1

Science week got underway on Tuesday with Form 2 participating in The Cube. Students from different Science classes battled it out to see who would be the overall champion in each of the three games. Their knowledge of forces, centre of gravity and motion all came into play. Plenty of active learning for all involved…. and lots of fun!

Form 1 Tutor groups battled it out in the sports complex to see who had the best aerodynamic skills. The winners of each Tutor group went head to head and we eventually found our well deserved overall champion, Adam Hutchinson and his unstoppable paper airplane!


Day 2

Today we were delighted to welcome back Willie Buckley to BGS for his annual talk to students while giving us an in-depth (and gruesome) look inside a rabbit! The students relished in the questions and answers session. The workings of the heart and lungs proved very popular with the senior students. We even got an up close look at the workings of intestines and why rabbits eat their own faeces!! Thanks to Willie Buckley for giving up his own time. It’s his fourth year visiting us during Science week and we at BGS are very greatful.

Form 2 Home Economics class embraced Science week and their teacher Ms.McCarthy O’Brien had a very difficult job trying to decide who would win the science themed competition. The fabulous entries were displayed in the dining hall for all students to have their say and help decide on the winning creation….


The aim of this year’s Science week was to instil in students, not only the wonders of science, but also the dangers of science. Today we welcomed some exceptionally brave women in to talk about their own personal journey in their recovery from substance abuse.

These ladies shared their inner most demons on how their lives spiralled out of control. At times, their experiences felt desperately sad and hopeless but thanks to drug rehabilitation programmes like Cuin Mhuire in Farnanes, these young women have some hope of rebuilding their life.

Although the speakers came from very different backgrounds and began their drug abuse under completely difference circumstances, the underlying message from each of them was the same.

Firstly, they urged young people to talk. Find time to talk to one of your parents, aunt, uncle, granny or friend about what might be bothering you. They asked that the students not bottle things up. One speaker reminded us that drug and alcohol addiction “doesn’t discriminate”.

The second message that resonated from today’s talk was to remind teenagers not to follow the crowd, not to give in to peer pressure and to “think seriously about every choice you make when with your friends”

The packed auditorium of over one hundred Form 4 students listened intently as one speaker reminded them  “If you have hopes and dreams, it does not care”.


Day 3

The STEM fields are notoriously male-dominated careers. In 2016 the Irish Central Statistics Office reported that although women are the majority of third-level degree recipients, they only account for 20.7% of information technology degrees, and 17.6% of engineering degrees. On top of this, even the women who are in STEM tend to go unrecognised within the field. But one lady who has been recognised in this field, is past pupil Dr. Lisa Helen. Only after leaving BGS ten years ago, Lisa has been awarded Best Student in Bsc. Biomedical Science, the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship, as well as the Presidents Prize, where she came 2nd place highly commended and most recently took the top prize at the Science Foundation Ireland Technology Innovation Development Award Pitch Off.

Today the Biology & Chemistry students had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Helen on her ground breaking idea to make needles smarter with technology much like a parking sensor. This innovative type of anaesthesia will be more accurate and efficient while also decreasing procedural risks for the patient. Lisa also spoke about what drove her into this direction of science.

With the CAO deadline looming for Form 6 students, Dr. Helen urged them to choose a course based on a love for a subject. She stressed that students can excel if they choose a course that interests them and has a focus. She reminded students that you cannot predict your career path and to use every opportunity that comes your way.

Dr. Helen feels the future is bright for careers in STEM with companies like MSD Brinny at our doorstep. Dr. Helen also explained a number of exciting projects happening at the Tyndall National Institute and reiterated that “Cork, small as it is, has some very exciting research possibilities”

We wish her every success in her new venture at MSD in the new year.

Our resident Nurse Gibbs educated some of our Form 6 Biology students on what make a health heart. The sphygmomanometer was dusted off and students blood pressure was measured along with their heart rate.

As part of our lunch time activities, we were joined today by local vet, Mr. Eamon Guinevan. Eamon has been a regular feature here at Bandon Grammar for Science week over the past number of years and his own boys attend the school so there’s no escaping for the foreseeable future!

The students were treated to an array of dissections by Mr. Guinevan. The stimulating talk allowed students to ask questions on the function and disorders of each organ- although ‘twas the vet himself kept the students in their toes by his interaction with the students.

Thanks to Eamon Guinevan for facilitating us during Science week, yet again! The Science staff really appreciate all the time and effort you put in year after year.



Day 4


This week students had the opportunity to send in a photo they took with their phone on this year’s theme “The wonders and dangers of science”
The winning student is Lucy Cronin from Form 1 with her photo on the dangers of science.
Thanks to the Art department, especially John Twomey for his help with this competition and attached is his own photo on the wonders of science which he took here in Bandon on Monday.
Many thanks to the entire Science Department for all the tremendous hard work that has gone into this years hugely successful Science week.