7 Day Boarding

7 day Boarding at Bandon Grammar School


BGS is fortunate to have many students from all over Europe that come to study in BGS. This year we have 19 students from Spain & Germany as well as 7 Irish students who board on a 7 day basis.

Activities Coordinator Audrey O Riordan, who is also a matron in the school, organises Saturday morning activities which range from Archery to Hillwalking and Art to Golf. After lunch on Saturdays and on Sundays there are a range of different options available to 7 day boarders such as table tennis, indoor soccer, computer room, study time or trips into Bandon or Cork.

Finally, Each term the 7 day boarders set off to see some of the best sights Ireland has to offer such as the Cliffs of Moher, the Lakes of Killarney, Dublin City and Ailwee Caves in Co. Clare.

Information for Parents of Boarder Boys & Girls


For Parents of 7 day boarders:

Please use the email address boarding@bgsmail.ie for all boarding matters. These emails will be sent to the housemistress, housemaster, Valerie at reception and Mr Coombes, Principal.


If you are emailing weekend leave out permission for your son/daughter please ensure you include the following:

What day,date and time they will be leaving

What day, date and time they will be returning

Where they will be going for the day or who will they be staying with at the weekend.


All emails must be in before Friday 9.00am so that the teacher on weekend duty, the Activities Coordinator and also the kitchen can be informed of the numbers of students that will be present at the weekend.