Richmount House

There are 60 girls boarding places available each year in Richmount House. Form 1 and 2 students have their dorms in the north wing while students in Forms 3- 6 are in the south wing with Form 5 & 6 in smaller 4 bed dorms. Both wings have their own TV room with kitchenette and dining space and in the senior wing there are laundry facilities which include washing machines, tumble dryers and a large drying area.

Ciara Harte (Housemistress) looks after the boarder girls and many female members of staff are involved in staying on site for night duty once a week. There is also a matron on duty each night in case of any emergencies.

Each term the boarder girls have an event to look forward to such as carol singing, DVD night or Katie’s Chocolate evening. The Boarders Christmas dinner in December and the Annual Boarder BBQ in May are highlights of the year for both the boarder boys and girls and some photos of these can be seen below.



A typical day as a boarder in BGS

8.15am                        Breakfast

9.00- 4.00pm               Class

4.15- 5.30                    Extra curricular (Hockey, basketball, Art club, Yoga etc)

5.45                             Tea

6.30- 7.45                    First Prep (Supervised Study)

8.00- 9.00                    Second Prep

9.00- 9.45                    Third Prep for Form 5 & 6

9.45-10.00                   Lights out for Forms 1,2, 3 & 4

10.30/10.45                 Lights out for Form 5/Form 6



For 5 day boarders:

All 5 day boarders must be signed out by a Parent/Guardian when leaving for the weekend.


Each five day boarder is allowed stay in school for up to three weekends over the academic year. If a student wishes to stay in for the weekend or on a Friday night, an email is required from parents to let the housemistress/housemaster know before Friday 9.00am.

Please send all emails to


On a Sunday evening we ask that boarders return back no later than 9.00pm. While we understand that in some cases students may need to return earlier than that we would ask that they do so no earlier than 6.45pm. Boys are asked to go straight to Roundhill where there will be a teacher on duty and girls can return to Richmount House where the evening staff and matron will be present. If a student returns between 6.45 and 9.00pm they must immediately sign in to the staff member on duty in each boarding house.