Green Schools

The Bandon Grammar Green Schools team under the tutelage of Ms. Redmond have begun working towards our first Green Flag.
Year 1 of this project is focused on Litter and Waste. So far, we have done a Questionnaire Survey in all years to see how well informed students are regarding litter, waste, recycling, reusing etc. We have done a litter survey and mapped out litter black spots and done several litter collections.
We are currently advertising for donations of clothes, blankets etc for recycling. They can be left in room 104. The final collection day is 18th October. The collecting company, Lenrec, pay us by weight, so the heavier the better. The money made will be donated to a charity. We had a charity fund-raiser sale of second-hand books to raise awareness of reusing. It is planned that proper recycling bins etc will be bought and used throughout the school.
In the near future one tap in the school will be fluoride free. This will allow us to sell water bottles in an attempt to reduce plastic bottles. We are starting a mini-company making paper logs to reduce paper waste. Anti-litter and use less energy stickers are being put up around the school.
You can follow all the updates on the Green Schools blog at