• Where a pupil needs to leave school during the school day for an appointment please notify us in advance, preferably the previous day. We require email / written or verbal / phone communication from a parent(s), to be then sanctioned by the Principal or Deputy Principal


  • DAY PUPILS not participating in supervised after-school activities must be collected from school by 4.15 p.m. Those remaining on after 4.00 p.m. are bound by the same conditions as boarders.


  • BOARDERS may not leave the school at any time without permission and they must report out and report in as appropriate. During the school week sixth form boarders may be granted leave-out permission to shop or town. Only in exceptional circumstances will boarders be granted leave-out in the evenings.



Messages for boarding staff should go to boarding@bgsmail.ie . Each boarder MUST be ‘signed-out’ by the adult designated to collect him or her with the teacher-on-duty.   Standard leave-out arrangements, as above, are listed by prefects on Thursday evening and checked by staff.   Requests for any variation from this must be made to the school office not later than 4.00p.m. on that Thursday.   Parents of boarders should remember that written permission is required in the case of pupils who are going to spend a weekend with a friend and the school accepts no responsibility once a pupil has left the school premises for a weekend. The parent or adult friend taking the pupil out must ‘sign-out’ that pupil and take full responsibility for the pupil as set out here.



  • Boarders are to return before 9.00p.m. each Sunday night and all must report for roll call in their respective houses. If a boarder is unable to return on Sunday night a parent or guardian must telephone the teacher on duty at 023-8841713 or (086) 4036301, email boarding@bgsmail.ie  before 8.30p.m. to indicate absence and an expected day/time of return.