• We expect all pupils to have the full set of uniform items set out on the relevant list so that they may change frequently in the interests of hygiene.


  • Hair is to be kept neat, clean, free from bright colours and designs and tied back where long. Mohican, Dreadlock and close shaved styles are not permitted. Make-up should be restricted to medically necessary skin care.


  • The school reserves the right to restrict the wearing of jewellery. Earrings and rings or studs relating to other body piercings such as nose rings are not permitted. One stud may be worn in each ear to maintain pierced ears. Tattoos are not permitted.


  • When a jacket is required, the official school jacket must be worn. Pupils may not wear non-uniform pullovers, sports jerseys, hoodies or other jackets. Tracksuits are not acceptable in place of the standard uniform during the school day.


  • Blazer – the school blazer is required for both regular and special occasions during the year –including the opening day and assembly on 28th August along with assembly each Tuesday. Full school uniform, including blazer, is to be worn neatly when representing the school at away fixtures, at public ceremonies and events, and when specified otherwise by the school.


  • The standard school skirt for all girls is the pleated version available from Kevin Bowens Ltd., Bandon.


  • Sports kit is to be kept clean. The correct shorts/skorts, stockings and jersey must be worn when representing the school. Pupils must come to school in uniform and then change into P.E. kit if required. Boarders may change into casual clothes after 4.15pm on weekdays, on Saturdays and Sundays.


  • Where a pupil is unable to wear an item of uniform for medical reasons, including shoes, the relevant signed medical certificate has to be presented to the school stating the difficulty and duration of the condition.