Application Procedure

  • Parents and Guardians interested in applying for a place at the school are asked to contact the school office (Tel. 023-8841713; Fax 023-8844404; Click here to download Application Form. Formal application may be made only on the approved form provided within the prospectus booklet or otherwise provided by the school.
  • The following should be supplied to constitute a valid application:

(a) Fully completed Application for Admission form signed by both parents or
guardian, where applicable.
(b) A Birth Certificate
(c) A School Report from present school. Reports of any assessments conducted
by educational psychologists or equivalent specialists on special needs are to
be supplied
(d) An application fee of €100 (non refundable).


  • Completed applications are to be completed to the Principal at the school office. The closing date for receipt of completed applications for places in all forms is 1st October of the year preceding entry. Applications to other forms should also be made by that date. Applications after that date are only entertained in exceptional circumstances, such as a change of residence. Only such forms that have been completed in full will be considered by the Board of Management. Completion of such forms does not guarantee a place at the school. All applicants for First Year must have attained their 12th birthday by 1st January following admission.


  • All applications must be accompanied by a non refundable deposit of €100.


  • Receipt of an application will be confirmed promptly in writing usually in one working week during term time.


  • Subsequently, the child and parents or guardians are invited to visit the school. A suitable time may be arranged by contacting the school office. We suggest a day during term time when it is easier to glean a sense of school life at the Grammar School.1
    A visit usually entails a guided tour of the school – including a tour of boarding facilities for those interested. A consultation with the Principal is the final part of the visit and of the application procedure.


  • (i) The Board of Management will consider all applications from 1st October each year. The board of Management will in light of legislation relating to enrolment and of admission policy, decide on the children to be offered places at the school.(ii) Parents and guardians of successful applicants will be informed in writing of the Board’s decision to offer a place promptly, usually within one week of the Board decision.(iii) Successful applicants shall, within one month of being offered a place, indicate their acceptance on a form that will be provided by the school. A place is not secured until that form has been received and acknowledged by the school.(iv) Unsuccessful candidates will be informed at the same time and in the same manner.(v) Those who wish to do so can apply to be put on a waiting list by completing a form that will be provided. Applications in respect of any year will not automatically be carried forward to a subsequent year. Where places are not taken up or vacancies arise for any reason, they will be re-offered to applicants still on the waiting list, according to the admissions criteria.(vi) A subsequent review of a decision by the Board may be requested, generally on grounds only of additional information not previously submitted at the time of application, and would be considered at the next meeting of the Board.Section 29 (1) (C) of the Education Acct, 1998 provides for procedures under which in some circumstances appeal may be made to the Secretary General of the Department of Education and Science. It is the policy of the Board tom implement this policy in a manner constant with the Equal Status Act, 2000; The Education Act 1998; The Education (Welfare) Act 2000 and any other relevant legislation.