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Bandon Grammar School

Welcome to Boarding at Bandon Grammar School

At Bandon Grammar School, we are immensely proud of our school’s strong 5 & 7 day boarding traditions which represents a unique element of our school’s culture. Boarding for boys in Roundhill House and girls in Richmount House provide a strong family atmosphere for the whole school. 

Boarders and day pupils join for classes, meals, sports & activities. Our boarders enjoy comfortable conditions in small dormitories of 2 - 6 pupils, state of the art facilities for living & learning, excellent multi-cultural cuisines and fulltime care by our dedicated and caring Houseparents.


Match night in Roundhill Movie night in Richmount


Boarding makes the world feel like home.

As a boarder, you have a wonderful opportunity to form friendships that will last a lifetime and to learn first hand about different parts of Ireland and other countries, cultures and traditions. We want you to love your time in the boarding school and to feel that you are part of the large BGS family. This is your home during term time. We support you to be happy, comfortable and assured.

If you are new to boarding, we are all happy to help and welcome you: staff and fellow pupils understand your experience and will help you to find your place in, contribute to and enjoy life at Bandon Grammar School. We are above all else, a family.

We also provide a staffed bus for collection from and drop off to Dublin Airport at the various school holidays to and from the school to ensure our students are safe when leaving and returning to our boarding houses.    

Activities and Exploration

Our boarding students have access to a wide range of activities, both on and off-campus. From engaging in school sports and clubs to exploring local attractions and participating in cultural excursions, there is always something exciting to do during the week and at weekends. 


Please see our Boarding Handbook here. 


Boarding Handbook:


Join Us

If you’re interested in learning more about boarding at Bandon Grammar School or wish to apply, please contact us. We are excited to welcome you to our community here in Bandon and to help you embark on this memorable journey.