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Bandon Grammar School

School Day

An example of a school day at Bandon Grammar School;



7.30am: Wake Up Call 

8.00am: Breakfast 

8.45am: Prepare books for first three lessons 


Day Pupils:

8.45am: Arrive at School 


School Day:

9.00am: Class 1 

9.40am: Class 2 

10.20am: Class 3 

11.00am: Small Break 

11.20am: Class 4 

12.00pm: Class 5 

12.40pm: Lunch 

1.20pm: Class 6 

2.00pm: Class 7 

2.40pm: Class 8 

3.20pm: Class 9 

4.00pm: School Finishes 


4.15pm: Sports/After School Clubs begin (usually one hour) 



5.30pm: Dinner time 

6.30pm: Prep - Supervised Study 

7.45pm: Prep break for refreshments 

8.00pm: Back to prep 

9.00pm: Return to Dormitories - Juniors

9.45pm: Return to Dormitories - Seniors

10.00pm: Lights out & phones collected  - Juniors

11.00pm: Lights out - Seniors