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Bandon Grammar School

Junior Cycle 

At Bandon Grammar School we pride ourselves on a nurturing learning environment led by a team of excellent teachers who differentiate each lesson so that students can achieve to the best of their ability. We have an inclusive learning environment that respects the creative and intellectual development of each student. Our curriculum is designed to have a broad subject offering in order to stimulate individual students' capacity to learn.  

Junior cycle describes the curriculum for years 1-3 inclusive. Students join the first year as they turn 13 years old. The programme for Junior Cycle is provided by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment This programme is based on eight key skills. NCCA : Junior Cycle


Junior Cycle Key Skills

Core Subjects

In 1st – 3rd year at Bandon Grammar School there are the following core subjects. Core subjects are ones that every student must study. 

Long Courses

- English 

- Geography 

- Irish (unless Irish exemption in place)  

- Maths 

- Modern Foreign Language: French or German or Spanish 

- History 

- Science  


Two of the following optional Long Courses  

- Art 

- Business 

- Home Economics 

- Music 

- Technical Graphics 

- Woodwork 





Short Courses 

These courses are designed to enhance students’ personal development and understanding of their social responsibilities:

- Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE) 

- Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) 

- Physical Education (PE) 

- Food from the Ground Up (For students not taking Irish) 


Wellbeing Programme 

In first year, students as part of the wellbeing programme from primary to secondary school students take an Introduction to Secondary School course with their Year Head. First year students also take Choir and Digital Wellbeing classes. 


Classroom Based Assessment

Subjects are assessed using both project work, and terminal examination. The projects are carried out through Classroom Based Assessments, or CBAs. In most subjects, CBA 1 is completed in Form II, with CBA 2 completed in Form III. The result of these CBAs are listed on the  ‘Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement’ which is awarded on completion of the Junior Cycle Programme.