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Bandon Grammar School

Senior Cycle

At Bandon Grammar School we pride ourselves on a nurturing learning environment led by a team of excellent teachers who differentiate each lesson so that students can achieve to the best of their ability. We have an inclusive learning environment that respects the creative and intellectual development of each student. Our curriculum is designed to have a broad subject offering to stimulate individual students' capacity to learn.  

Senior Cycle begins in 5th year and culminates with a terminal state examination at the end of 6th year. The Senior Cycle curriculum is set by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment and you can find all the syllabi for subjects on their website: NCCA : Senior Cycle  

At Bandon Grammar school we offer our students three pathways;

1) The established Leaving Certificate Programme,

2) The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme, and

3) The Leaving Certificate Applied Programme.  

All Senior cycle students follow a Wellbeing programme that incorporate PE and SPHE (includes RSE) and Digital Skills.  


Academic Performance: 

Our students achieve Leaving Certificate results amount the best in the country.

Average L.C. Points 2023 2022
Bandon Grammar School 463 442
National Average 393 393


The Leaving Certificate Programme 

The established Leaving Certificate Programme is a two-year programme that aims to provide learners with a broad balanced education while also offering them a chance to specialise in particular higher education and career options. 

At Bandon Grammar School all students will study


Core Subjects:

At Bandon Grammar School all students will study their three core subjects

1) English,

2) Irish (unless Irish exemption in place), and

3) Maths


Optional Subjects:

In addition to this, students can choose to take an additional five ‘option’ subjects from the below options;

Accounting Agricultural Science Applied Maths Art Biology
Business Chemistry Construction DCG Economics
French Geography German History Home Economics
Music Physics Physical Education Spanish  

In Bandon Grammar School we have a longer teaching week – classes run from 9am – 4pm each day. This gives our Leaving Cert students the option to undertake an optional 8th subject for their Leaving Certificate. This is an opportunity for students to gain extra points by managing their learning abilities while navigating matriculation requirements at third level.  


The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme 

The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme is a two-year programme that combines the academic strengths of the Leaving Certificate with a dynamic focus on self-directed learning, enterprise, work and the community. 

At Bandon Grammar School students have the opportunity to take the LCVP. This means that students must take the LCVP module in place of an eighth subject.  


The Leaving Certificate Applied Programme 

The Leaving Certificate Applied is a two year leaving certificate programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life 

This programme is being offered to senior cycle students in 2024. More details on our bespoke curriculum to follow.  

  Class of 2023