The Medical Centre is located to the left of the main entrance to the Richmount building.

There are two separate medical bays for boys and girls.

There is Nurse cover weekdays by qualified Nurses and a First Aid Team covering nights and weekends.


Contact Information

Medical Centre: 0238844337


School Medical Care Team


Laura Gibbs RCN (Nurse)

Sinead Riome RCN (Nurse)

Medical Room Assistants

Fiona Hanley

Sally Rowe

Audrey O Riordan

Role of the Nurse

The role of the nurse is to provide nursing care for students and staff with as little interruption through class time as possible, and to liaise with parents, teaching staff and management where necessary. They are part of a Pastoral Care Team which meets weekly to ensure students struggling have the support they may need.

Attending Medical Centre

If your child becomes ill during the school day, he/she must report to the nurse on duty, having first obtained permission, if possible, from the teacher whose class or activity he/she is attending at the time. If a child is not well enough to continue at school, the Medical Centre staff will inform the parent/guardian of the child. Pupils should not ring their parents/guardians to collect them without first consulting the Medical Centre staff. This is a health and safety measure for the protection of your child.

For the safety of all our students and for legal purposes we must adhere to strict guidelines regarding the storage and administration of medicines.

Medicine Guidelines- Day Pupils
  • If a prescribed course of mediation needs to be administered during school hours, this should be brought to the school nurse at the beginning of the day for safekeeping. It must be clearly labelled with the name of the student, the name and dose of medicine and the times it must be given. If medicines are not clearly labelled as above we will not be able to administer them.
  • A ‘Request for the administration of medicines’ form must be completed for each medicine brought to be administered. Copies are available for printing on the school website or may be obtained from the Medical Room. Your child may then attend the Medical room to take the medication, at the appropriate time during the day. The onus is on students to present themselves at the appropriate time to take their medicine.
  • Any students that require emergency medication/Inhalers please ensure the Nurse is aware that you carry these on you at all times. Please provide a spare to the medical centre, labelled as above in case of emergency.
Medicine Guidelines- Boarders
  • No medication is allowed in the boarding houses. (exceptions listed later and only with Nurses knowledge)
  • All students on long term medication> 10 days requires a letter from prescribing GP/Consultant with instructions on administration. Please see ‘Request for the administration of medicines’ form for boarders, these are available to print from the school website or may be obtained from the Nurse.
  • All medicines must be in their original packaging and clearly labelled with the student’s name, dose to be given and frequency of administration.
  • All medication must be identifiable in English and licensed for use in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Please note, the nurses are unable to take responsibility for administrating any medicine that they cannot recognise.
  • Students must not under any circumstances share, swap or trade their medicines with any other student.
  • Any medicines accepted into the school will be at the discretion if the School Nurses and will generally be stored in their Medical room.
  • Senior boarders are sometimes allowed after a risk assessment is carried out by the nurse (alongside parents and doctors’) agreement to ‘Self Administer’ their own medication. In this case medication is stored in a locked box by the student with a strict protocol signed by the student. This is to encourage students to manage their own health care needs as much as possible in a safe environment.
Infection Control

To adhere to Infection Control Protocols, students with vomiting or diarrhoea should not return to school until at least 48hrs after their last episode of vomiting and/or diorrhoea.  This is in order to prevent the spread of infection throughout the whole school community.

Medical Room Clinic Times:

In order that the school day is not disrupted, we encourage your child to attend during the allocated Clinic times for non-urgent reasons. However, they may attend at any time if urgent assistance is required.




After class daily until 17:30





Dr Pat Murphy from Bandon Medical Hall is the school’s Medical Officer. He provides appointments for our 7 day boarders and any emergency appointments required throughout the week.

Medical Records

All Medical Records are held securely in the Medical Centre as per the schools policy on GDPR. All parents and guardians must complete a Medical Questionnaire about their child prior to starting as a student in Bandon Grammar School. It is vital for the student’s health and welfare that we know all past and present medical history including psychological concerns.


In providing medical/nursing care it is recognised the Doctor/Nurse/First Aider may liaise with parents or guardians, the head teacher or other academic staff and that information, ideally with the students consent will be passed on as appropriate. With all cases, the Doctor/Nurse/First aider will respect a students’ confidence except on the very rare occasions when, the doctor/nurse considers it in the student’s best interests, or necessary for the protection of the wider school community, to breach confidence and pass information on to a relevant person or body.


All immunisations carried out on site are under the HSE. All communication with parents is done through the HSE Vaccination Nursing team. Consent prior to administration of vaccinations is sought from parents/guardians prior to administration.



At times throughout the year we have visiting Physiotherapists weekly in the morning’s appointments can be organised through student’s coaches.

Dental treatment/Optician

Parents are asked to arrange routine dental checks, treatments and orthodontic work during school holidays. The same applies to optician appointments. All emergency treatment will be organised through the Nurse on duty in the Medical Centre.